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Yes, it is recommended that Landlords perform a credit report on all adults over the age of 18 applying for rent.
In terms of the National Credit Act Regulations 18(4)(e) and (5) the Tenant must first give his / her consent before the Landlord (Amour Properties) can access your credit report.

If the applicant refuses to give consent for the Landlord (Amour Properties) to perform the credit check – the Landlord (Amour Properties) is entitled to decline your application for rent.

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When a consumer defaults on their credit or any other agreement, one of the supplier’s rights is to load an adverse (default) listing against the consumer’s credit profile.
Before loading the default the supplier must:

– Send the consumer a letter of demand
– The letter of demand must specifically mention the “supplier’s intention to load a default”
– The supplier must wait 20 business days’ before listing the default (and may only list in the account was not settled in full).

Business Days: when calculating the 20 business days – the date the letter was sent does not count, Saturdays, Sundays and SA public holidays do not count.

Use of the TPN system allows us to access this feature

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The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (38 of 2001) (the FIC Act) came into effect on the 1st of July 2003 to help prevent illegal financial activity.

As a necessary part of this Act, the identity of any customer participating in any financial transaction through Amour Properties has to be verified.

Required Documents

– South African Green Barcoded ID Book / ID Smart-Card / Passport

– A valid document showing Proof of Residential Address (not older then 3 months) e. Utility Bill, Telephone Account

FICA Documents Required For Sale

– Both Seller & Purchaser must submit FICA documents

FICA Documents Required For Rental

– Both Landlord & Tenant must submit FICA documents

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The Landlord must maintain the property fit for the purpose for which it was let. If the Landlord fails to honour this obligation, you may demand in writing that he attend to the maintenance. The maintenance in question must be a material breach by the Landlord such as no water / electricity, a burst geyser or non-working oven. A material breach does not include missing internal keys, blown light bulbs etc.

If the Landlord fails to remedy a material breach you should cancel the lease and vacate the property or take legal action.

If you withhold rent, you yourself are committing a material breach and the Landlord can take the necessary action to collect the rent – cancellation of the lease, court order eviction or blacklisting on credit bureaux.

Category: RENT

If the Tenant does not pay the rent, the Tenant is in breach of contract (written or verbal).
Practically the first step of action is to make contact with the Tenant to establish the reason for non-payment. You will know your Tenant and be able to assess if this is a once-off situation or if the Tenant routinely pays late or only partially.

In terms of the Consumer Protection Act, the Landlord must demand payment in writing and give the tenant 20 business days to settle.
Should the Tenant fail to settle after the demand, the Landlord is entitled to cancel the lease and demand the tenant vacates the property.
Should the Tenant fail to vacate the property as requested, then the Landlord must take legal action to obtain a court order Eviction, after which the Sheriff of the Court will forcible remove the tenant.

Category: RENT

Yes, the Amour Properties is acting as an Agent for the Landlord.
Ultimately the Landlord takes the risk should the Tenant default on the rent. Every Landlord has a different appetite for risk and will accept or decline the applicant Tenant based on the credit report, affordability assessment and any other relevant information.
The Landlord can and should demand to see the all applicant Tenant’s credit reports before making a decision to accept the Tenant.

Category: RENT

TPN is the largest credit bureau in Africa to specialize in vetting tenants for rental properties.
TPN Database
A network of over 10,000 property managers and landlords across South Africa to access the only comprehensive credit report on your potential tenant.
Credit Checks
Consumer and Business credit worthiness checks, tailored specifically for the rental market. Used in more than 90% of rental placements. Credex® score, bank codes, criminal checks and more.
Payment Profile
TPN stores the payment behaviour of tenants that is loaded on the system. They also SMS your tenant monthly to advise them of their credit record status, encouraging timeous payment.
Collecting rental timeously is one of the most frustrating tasks that busy property managers and landlords have to undertake on a monthly basis. Using TPN Payment Profile and notification services, requesting rent is quick and easy.
TPN Collections
Letter of demands via post, sms, fax and email, and free blacklisting on TPN and TransUnion encourage collection of outstanding debt from stubborn consumers.
Blacklist your non-paying tenant on the TPN and TransUnion bureaux. Since TPN are fully NCA compliant, we can list your tenant on your behalf if necessary without worry.
Letter of Demands
NCA compliant (NCA section 19(4)) letter of demands to notify your tenant of your intention to blacklist them – sent via SMS, email, fax and post.
Criminal Checks
SAPS criminal record checks help you to select safe, honest and reliable people, while deterring dangerous individuals from renting your property.
Bank Codes
Codes provided by the banks on a current (cheque) accounts history. Let the bank decide whether they think your tenant is good for the proposed rental.
Qualification Checks
Send us the qualifications and we will check with the suppliers to see if the qualification has actually been awarded.

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