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“We have purchased a property where the electric fence is not working. The seller never informed us of this, and we only found this out once we took occupation. Who is responsible to fix this?”

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Normally this would be the Seller’s responsibility. The electric fence would fall under the Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECC)and should therefore have been in working order and if it was not this would have been noted during the electrical inspection.
The Seller should have disclosed this to you.
Your first option should be to approach the transferring attorney, that dealt with the sale, as they should be able to assist you, however you should note that if transfer has already been affected they are not obliged to assist you and you may need to seek your own legal council.
You do have recourse against the Seller in terms of this and the electrician maybe approached in terms of the ECC as the electrician should have noted weather or not the fence was working

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