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Prepare for a Viewing

Tips for Sellers on getting your Home ready for a Showday or Viewing

Read our list of tips for sellers below to prepare for a showday and help you show the very best of your home.

REMEMBER: Disclose any defects to avoid any problems after the sale

Initial Appeal :

  • The first impression for the buyer is the garden and the exterior appearance of your home
  • A pretty neat garden makes a good impression
  • Exterior walls, woodwork and gutters, should all be neat and clean.
  • If there is a pool it should be sparkling and clean
  • Have a fresh smell in the home, as people will find it welcoming
  • Have an electrician inspect the property and issue an electrical compliance certificate
  • Make the property easily accessible, either making the keys available for viewing or ensure there is a person at home to allow the agent access

The Property:

  • Make it as bright and light as you can
  • Keep the house neat and uncluttered, all toys and clothes should be packed away neatly so as not to distract from the property
  • Freshen up the carpets, paintwork, floors, doors
  • Place fresh flowers in a vase
  • Repair any hairline cracks, cracked window panes, broken light fittings and kitchen counter tops
  • Keep garage tidy
  • Cut back trees and creepers from in front of the windows
  • Make the patio, paths and pot plant containers attractive
  • On a showday make sure the visitors can view all the outbuildings
  • Make sure that taps don’t leak, that the toilet flushes and that the water pipes run free
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