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Tips For Buyers

Are you looking for your perfect home? Are you ready to be a buyer but don’t know where to start… Have a look through the tips below for a bit of help

  1. Location, Location, Location
  2. Check the driveway and the accessibility to the property
  3. Check for any damp in the property
  4. See if the property has been recently painted
  5. Ask all questions regarding the condition of the property and if there any defects that you should be aware of, there are no silly questions
  6. Be aware of the selling price the surrounding properties have achieved


  • What the Seller thinks its worth
  • What the Agent values it at:- The Comparative Market Analysis
  • What the You, as the Purchaser, is prepared to offer
  • The final settlement price
  • Be informed of any special type of security in the area
  • Know what the municipal valuation of the property is
  • Find out the rates and taxes levied on the property
  • Know all the special features on the property
  • Stipulate what is to moveable features are included in the sale
  • Make sure that all electrical Motors are in good working condition eg Stoves, pumps and automated gates and doors
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